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Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors truly care about creating well-rounded dancers. They work together to make sure that students at Fascinating Rhythm are getting the best dance instruction possible. All Instructors are Certified by Dance Masters of America and have graduated with a Performing Arts Degree from an accredited University.

What We Teach

Alisha Patterson-Curry: Preschool, Recreational and Competitive Instructor: all subjects


Whitney Hinson: Preschool, Recreational and Competitive Instructor: all subjects


Dora Duer: Preschool, Recreational, and Dance Abilities Instructor: all subjects


Dalynn Wallace: Preschool and Recreational Tumbling Instructor


Lauren Flowers: Preschool and Recreational Instructor: all subjects


Paula Cohan: Competitive Tumbling Instructor


Kendra Eikenberry: Competitive Ballet Technique, Pre-Pointe and Pointe Instructor

Lindsay Starnes: Dance Abilities Instructor


Sydney Hicks: Competitive Tap Instructor

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